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Our Company

For 20 years, Telmetrics has delivered scalable call based attribution solutions to reveal the impact of direct response campaigns. With a deep level of experience, solid infrastructure and a passion for quality, Telmetrics ensures the delivery and measurement of calls to hundreds of thousands of advertisers across North America.

About Us

Telmetrics is a call and text tracking company that enables, tracks and analyzes offline interactions to increase engagement and return on advertising spend. At the core of our solutions are millions of unique local and toll-free phone numbers that can be placed in any online, or offline ad.

By tracking consumer voice and text response to each number, our clients can pinpoint which lead sources, media channels, and keyword buys are yielding the most success and can measure the quality of those leads.

Our response and conversation analytics are available in real-time, easy to understand and give you the insights you need to lift your advertising ROI.

Our Values


With passion, we are committed to creativity and excellence.


We believe in being accountable and honest.


We are solutions focused and strive to deliver results.

Intelligent Risks

We strive for efficiency and optimize our technology.

Leadership Team

Rami Michael, Chief Technology Officer

Rami Michael

Chief Technology Officer

Emely Sabandal, VP Finance

Emely Sabandal

VP Finance

Catherine Caplice, VP Customer Success

Catherine Caplice

VP Customer Success


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