We Heat up Pay-per-Call Billing Efficiencies for xAd with Clean Call-Tracking Numbers

A customer success story on pay-per-call reporting to increase efficiencies and prove worth to customers

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Executive Summary

xAd was referred to us in 2010 for accurate and reliable pay-per-call reporting that could support their billing through automatically generated pay-per-call reports. Previously, all billing was manually prepared and the leads generated by advertising were determined on a case by case basis. We helped xAd increase efficiencies and improve customer relations:

[rdy_icon_list_item title_color=”#4d4f53″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-check” title=”Prove ROI to clients: reporting proves worth of advertising to clients through reliable and accurate call details: caller phone number, termination phone number, time of call and duration.” title_size=”15″ icon_color=”#2764b0″ link=”|||” el_class=”home_how_list”][rdy_icon_list_item title_color=”#4d4f53″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-check” title=”Automated billings: automatically generated reports identified calls as leads from a set of predetermined criteria and reduced the amount of time they spent on billings” title_size=”15″ icon_color=”#2764b0″ link=”|||” el_class=”home_how_list”][rdy_icon_list_item title_color=”#4d4f53″ icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-check” title=”Quality call assurances: fraud and spam protection on call tracking numbers eliminated nuisance calls to xAd’s clients and increased the ratio of calls to leads. ” title_size=”15″ icon_color=”#2764b0″ link=”|||” el_class=”home_how_list”]

About xAd, Inc.

xAd is the global leader in location intelligence that drives sales – unlocking opportunity in the 90% of retail transactions that are still completed offline. By leveraging a mobile device’s current or past location data, xAd can provide in-store visitation insights by market, brand, and even by specific competitors. It is through this first party data and intelligence that xAd can interpret the most relevant moments to introduce a brand’s message, providing a more personalized and meaningful mobile ad experience to consumers while impacting the point of decision – driving in-store foot traffic and sales. Each month, xAd’s patented location solutions help marketers reach unprecedented scale with access to 500 million unique devices and 100 million unique places and points of interest across 100+ thousand apps globally. With xAd, marketers can finally close the gap between online activities and offline sales. Learn more: www.xAd.com

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An opportunity to improve billing efficiency and customer retention

xAd discovered an opportunity for increased efficiencies for the cost per call reporting systems to steer more resources to activities generating revenue. In the system they were using at the time, all the billing took substantial time to be entered correctly and to explain to clients. At our estimate, it would take four and a half full-time employees to complete the billing for each month for their current volume of billable minutes.

The absence of third-party visibility into call attribution also proved to be a significant obstacle to client retention. xAd needed accurate and reliable call attribution to link their search advertising to the calls it generated and to prove the worth of their services. Without reliable and factual third party billing, clients based their decision to retain xAd’s services on their perceptions and feelings – leading to decisions rooted in the perceived worth rather than the actual.

A complicating factor was the high number of fraudulent and spam calls generated through cost per call programs, contributing in part to xAd’s uphill struggle to prove the worth of their performance. The high number of “worthless” calls received by their clients diluted the leads generated by xAd’s services. In fact, the spam and fraud calls were indicative of a larger problem in the telephony industry. The number of complaints to the FCC in the U.S. about spam and fraud calls rose 50% in the first half of 2016 alone.

The solution

xAd required a system that would provide robust, straightforward data on call attribution that was designed for pay-per-call advertising, flexible enough to adjust to each of their client’s business needs, and not require “heavy lifting” from xAd, as their resources were otherwise engaged on building their location targeting solutions. Our pay-per-call reporting allowed xAd to set the cost per call, the number of distinct callers, minimum call duration, and the if and for how much missed calls are billed to maintain a vibrant search business.

Our call tracking numbers are also protected by a multi-layer system of algorithms and blocks that detect those “worthless calls” and prevent them from reaching the businesses and diluting the number of leads generated by advertising.

The results

In 2015, xAd was able to boost efficiency at the equivalent of four and a half full-time employees (based on our modeling) with our pay-per-call automated reporting. Those resources have been redirected toward growth initiatives instead of operations.

In numerous specific cases, xAd was able to prove their value to the customer and dispel inaccurate perceptions. One customer had received a high number of “worthless” calls from spam and out of area callers. With the help of our reporting, it became clear that another company’s call tracking numbers were driving the “worthless” calls, while our numbers were clean.

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