More Ways to Optimize Your Lead Capture Forms

Mobile consumers want an easy way to contact the business. Your landing pages with forms can convert even better with mobile-friendly response options and as a bonus, generate even more insights for optimization.

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For mobile consumers, filling out lengthy forms can be a frustrating way to connect. Each additional required field may reduce the conversion rate by 1%, 5%, or even 10% and more, depending on the strength of the offer.

With Response Analytics, marketers can streamline the form fill experience by experimenting with additional ways to boost conversions:

[rdy_icon_list_item title_color=”#676b6f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-arrow-right” title=”Make forms “textable“ by offering to reply through text messaging, sending a quote or an appointment confirmation directly to the customer’s native texting app” title_size=”15″ icon_color=”#b3dbd2″ el_class=”home_how_list” link=”url:%2Ftext-messaging|||”][rdy_icon_list_item title_color=”#676b6f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-arrow-right” title=”Ask for only the consumer’s phone number and use our rich consumer profiling product to access their demographic information” title_size=”15″ icon_color=”#b3dbd2″ el_class=”home_how_list” link=”url:%2Frich-customer-profiles|||”][rdy_icon_list_item title_color=”#676b6f” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-arrow-right” title=”Respond immediately to customer inquiries with text messaging” title_size=”15″ icon_color=”#b3dbd2″ el_class=”home_how_list” link=”url:%2Ftext-messaging|||”]

Think big picture, not just form fill conversions

Ultimately, marketers want to increase conversions, not just the number of form fills in isolation from other potential conversion micro-moments. When form fills become a part of the well-planned customer engagement path, the forms convert better and the overall campaign performance increases.

A consumer searches
for a product or service
the ad offer
Chooses to submit a form,
call or text
The business responds
via the channel that
the consumer prefers
Data flows to CRM,
automation tools, or
internal systems

Build mobile marketing lists to create more ways to engage

Consumers want the option to choose how they respond to ads, and that is why we make sure we capture all responses, from all devices, and from all channels. Even if the landing page visitor did not call or text the tracking number on your website, we capture the form fill activity and include in our reporting this conversion and all pages the consumer browsed on your site prior to submitting the form.

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Track everything. Get great data. And optimize the path to purchase.

Use our dynamic call tracking technology, lead attribution analytics, text messaging and chat integrations to create a holistic view of the consumer’s journey from seeing your ad, to submitting a form or calling – to becoming a happy customer. 

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Get credit for all the leads you generate, deliver even more with better conversion paths, and help your sales team serve up more value to advertisers.


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Use untapped opportunities to deliver more leads to clients, and demonstrate program performance with metrics that cover all types of responses, online and offline.


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Play at the forefront of mobile consumer experience, offer your audience control, respond quickly no matter how the lead contacted you, and optimize ad spend based on complete data.


Flexible implementation, granular reporting

We support response tracking programs of all sizes, from several phone lines per client to tens of thousands. We offer several options to implement Response Analytics and dedicated support to make tracking all types of response an easy choice for brand, directory and agency marketers.

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Optimize your forms, again.

Let’s talk about how Response Analytics technology can instantly lift the ROI on your current advertising spend by streamlining the form fill experience.

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