Phone Calls Generate New
Business in the Financial
How Are You Tracking Phone Leads?

Response Analytics empowers businesses in the financial sector
to control and streamline their marketing budgets and
track data that is otherwise being lost.

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The challenges

With a trend towards apps, in-app push notifications and online activity for financial companies, it is easy to ignore the biggest source of quality leads: phone calls.

Banks and financial institutions are proactively engaging consumers online with consistent and compelling messaging.

Due to the complexity and importance of financial issues, consumers are likely to pick up the phone to get answers and information.

With a large chunk of financial marketing offline, on billboards, commercials, and radio spots, call tracking becomes even more important.

Without Response Analytics, financial marketers don’t have a true ROI picture and are wasting ad spend.  

The solutions

Successful marketers in the financial space are adopting technology that tracks calls and integrates the data with their digital marketing analytics, for a comprehensive view of campaign performance. Telmetrics offers Response Analytics

Gather valuable consumer data from phone numbers (from text and calls). The data can be used to inform and personalize the next step in the customer journey. Telmetrics offers Rich Profile Data

Obtain a clear view of your customers, to improve targeting and future marketing efforts. Phone calls reveal a consumer’s buying stage, product interest, competitor awareness, and the probability of converting. Telmetrics offers Call Record & Scoring

Utilize local numbers so consumers see you as part of their community and life. Local numbers increase conversions. Telmetrics offers Clean Local Numbers.

Essential services for our clients in the financial sector

Dedicated client support

via a knowledgeable Customer Success team, there to guide you and partner with you to develop new custom solutions to meet your needs.

Meaningful customer reporting

that offers complete visibility and important insights into campaign success.

Implementation support

for quick and easy onboarding, allowing you to quickly experience benefits from new features,  services and insights.

White labeling 

to shine in front of your customers and increase loyalty, while we take care of the backend technology and support.

Flexible implementation

We understand the complexity faced by the financial sector marketers and IT teams when delivering a cross-platform experience and interpreting the data. To make tracking all types of response an easy choice, we offer flexible implementation, reporting options and dedicated support.

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Let’s talk about the challenges your business may be facing and find out if our response tracking, attribution and engagement technology can help achieve your goals.

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