Email Response Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion

Enhance your email campaigns with real-time feedback on performance

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You’ve got calls

Use call tracking for email to augment your performance metrics and bridge the online to offline gap in consumer behavior. In prelaunch tests, we had 100% success in tying email addresses to phone calls generated by email campaigns.


Call tracking vs. click metrics

Call tracking goes deeper into consumer behavior than click analysis.

Measures leads and conversions

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Click metrics uncover only a limited view of consumer engagement.

Measures the level of engagement with content, but not conversions

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Know the true performance of email campaigns and what drives calls


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Access accurate and robust data on your campaigns for informed decision-making


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Optimize email campaigns with validated testing


How DNI for email campaign call tracking works

Call tracking for email campaigns has all the same benefits as regular DNI. Insert the snippet of code we give you onto your website and follow our straightforward instructions. Once activated, send out the emails and wait for calls.

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Minimize costs with the optimal pool size for your traffic.

Not a first-in, first-out system, smart pool algorithms determine the right number-pool size based on numerous factors to deliver the most accurate analytics.


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We can customize how the number appears on your website to suit your business needs.

Replace just the number, an image or even a portion of your web page to keep your branding consistent everywhere.


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Javascript implementation replaces just the phone number or a small section of the website using a short snippet of code we provide.

The reverse-proxy option requires no IT expertise – we create a mirror webpage that mimics your website exactly, but with a call tracking number.


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Your callers will connect only to your business.

Dedicated number pools reserve phone numbers for your business and no one else, for as long as you need them.


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Session-based reduces cost and guarantees accuracy, by serving up a new number from a dedicated number pool at each new visit to your website.

1:1 offers granularity at the level you choose. One number is assigned to each keyword, campaign, channel or advertisement.


Complete transparency into the buyer’s journey

Gain full visibility into every stage of the buyer’s journey by going beyond click metrics to track actual customer conversions.

A phone call is a more robust way of measuring the consumer’s engagement with a product. Call tracking offers a high-level bar to measure the true impact of email campaigns.

Our call detail reporting helps marketers see just how many leads were generated by a campaign with key performance indicators: such as the call duration and caller number.

Speak with our Customer Success team and discover how call tracking can enhance your email campaigns.

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Don't stop at call tracking from email, enhance campaigns with these features: