Exciting update to our Call Tracking API

Whether you’re thinking of upgrading or expanding your call tracking capabilities, Telmetrics’ next generation Call Tracking API gives marketers and developers more powerful ways to integrate call tracking into their products.
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Our mission is clear – to empower you, developers and marketers, with a call tracking platform that is scalable, robust and reliable. We reimagined our API from the ground up to make it simple and easy to integrate the power of call tracking into more apps, websites and products.

Among the bells and whistles in our “new model” API are easier, faster and more intuitive ways to order numbers and pools, retrieve data, run commands and make changes as your product and services evolve.

Read the full press release here: Telmetrics Inc. Releases Exciting Update to Their Call Tracking API

From your 1st call to the billionth, our API allows you to tap into our robust infrastructure easily. 

High value commands at your fingertips 

Scale and customize to your heart’s content.

  • Automated call scoring
  • Transcriptions
  • Keyword spotting
  • Keypress routing
  • Customizable Dynamic Number Insertion
  • PCI redaction

We speak JSON 

Our API now uses standard JSON formatting for inputs aligning with industry best practices. Easy to read, easy to parse making it easier for teams to collaborate in an enterprise environment. 

Prototype quickly

Kick off your rapid application development with standard HTTP GET and POST endpoints to communicate with the API.

We can’t wait to see the creative ways in which developers and product managers will take advantage of our powerful call tracking platform and robust API. 

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