A Phone Call Is a Natural Response to an Ad for Mobile Consumers

An inbound call indicates an engaged, ready-to-buy consumer. Track and gain credit for all phone leads with proven call attribution technology. Use insights to optimize and generate even more calls.

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Call tracking instantly lifts measured ROI

Research shows that phone leads are 10x more valuable than form fill leads, yet many marketers are not reporting on phone calls. If you are tracking clicks, conversions, bounce rates, rankings, and investing time and resources in A/B testing, but aren’t measuring call response – part of the ROI your hard work generates will remain unseen.

Include calls as a success metric

Use calls to gain visibility into offline lead generation across any ad campaign. Call insights connect online lead sources to offline responses, providing a complete picture of ad performance and lead attribution.

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Get credit for the quality leads you deliver and help your sales team prove value for advertisers.


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Demonstrate program performance with metrics your SMB and large brand advertisers value.


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Gain visibility into campaign performance and lead generation data to optimize ad spend.


Get quality analytics on phone leads

When you start including calls into campaign ROI calculations, make sure you capture all inbound calls and make optimization decisions based on accurate data. Our Response Analytics platform delivers all calls with a telco-grade 99.999% uptime guarantee, ensures only valid callers are connected, not telemarketers or fraudsters, and provides marketers with the industry’s most reliable attribution analytics.

The features that make our call tracking data complete and reliable:

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Convert all calls your advertising generates into revenue

Marketers use data provided by our advanced lead attribution technology to optimize campaigns and generate even more calls on the same ad spend. But if the advertiser does not pick up the phone or a sales agent fails to convert the customer, the improved marketing campaign performance doesn’t translate into revenue.

2/3 of leads will contact a competitor if no one answers their phone call. 78% of customers are frustrated by incorrect routing. There is no visibility into what happened during the call to help sales agents maximize lead-to-sale conversion rates.

These challenges may be preventing your business from reaching your true ROI potential. Our Response Analytics platform has the tools you need to convert more calls to sales.

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Build mobile marketing lists to create more ways to engage

Phone numbers are unique identifiers and stay with the mobile consumers for years, while email addresses are becoming disposable.

This is why we do not settle on tracking call response to your advertising campaigns. We give you more – the ability to opt in callers to your text message marketing lists, rich caller profile data, and one platform to intercept, organize, measure, and optimize all types of responses from today’s mobile consumers.

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Flexible implementation and reporting

We support call tracking programs of all sizes, from several phone lines per client to tens of thousands. We offer several options to implement Response Analytics and a dedicated support team to make tracking all types of response an easy choice for brand, directory, and agency marketers.

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Start tracking phone call response

Let’s talk about how call tracking can instantly lift the ROI on your current advertising spend and open the door for more ways to engage mobile consumers.

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