More than Half of Travel and Hospitality Consumers Pick up the Phone to Call

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Improve travel and hospitality ad campaigns

Response Analytics provides insight into the success of your campaigns by providing attribution for online and offline leads. Response data, when used to optimize campaigns, has the power to transform results. Telmetrics offers new ways for you to engage with consumers and empowers you to track all responses – giving you the big picture insight into your consumer’s communication preferences and your ad response. Response Analytics is your path to uncovering new leads and better performance.

Mobile impact on travel and hospitality

As consumers become more mobile and demand a seamless experience on their path to purchase, phone calls, texts, chatting, and chatbots all become much more important for your conversion process. This is especially true for the travel sector.

Spontaneous research into travel has become the norm. In the middle of a conversation, at work, with friends or even at home, we grab our phone and do a little research on travel destinations or restaurants.

Small screens and image-heavy sites cause friction for the consumer, frustrating their search for answers and information. The solution for consumers? Pick up the phone! Calls and text inquiries are becoming the norm.

Phone leads are 10x more valuable than web form submissions. Properly handling and attributing these calls is important to your marketing.

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Innovative solutions that improve the bottom line for travel and hospitality

Increase engagement

Improve ROI

Improve staff performance

Improve consumer satisfaction

Increase engagement

Consumers demand control of the conversation, and text messaging is how they like to communicate. Adding texting to you communications arsenal creates more engagement with the consumer. Chat apps increase productivity, allowing travel agents, concierges, and all hospitality workers to manage multiple conversations at once.

Improve ROI

Understand the role that call conversions play in your marketing strategy. With a large percentage of your site visitors calling, ROI calculations could be off by up to 70% and you are likely wasting ad spend on non-performing campaigns.

We offer Response Analytics to provide important attribution data to optimize campaigns and increase ROI.

Improve staff performance

Professional and highly trained phone agents create a quick and pleasant experience for consumers.  Staff learns to be more productive and efficient.

We offer Call Record and Call Scoring to aid in boosting productivity and client satisfaction.

Improve customer satisfaction

Call Routing and Caller Segmentation. Get callers to the right department for airfare, accommodations, transportation and dining, and decrease the likelihood the caller will drop the call.

We offer Call Record and Call Scoring to ensure agents are pleasant, helpful and properly trained.

Rich Profile Data informs companies on the buying habits, preferences and financial status of callers, allowing customized and personalized offers.

Essential services for our travel and hospitality clients

Dedicated client support

via a knowledgeable Customer Success team, there to guide you and partner with you to develop new custom solutions to meet your needs.

Meaningful customer reporting

that offers complete visibility and important insights into campaign success.

Implementation support

for quick and easy onboarding, allowing you to quickly experience benefits from new features, services, and insights.

White labeling for clients

to shine in front of your customers and increase loyalty, while we take care of the backend technology and support.

Flexible implementation

We understand the complexity that travel and hospitality marketers and IT teams face when delivering a cross-platform experience and interpreting the data. To make tracking all types of response an easy choice, we offer flexible implementation, reporting options and dedicated support.

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Let’s talk about the challenges your business may be facing.

Find out if our response tracking, attribution and engagement technology can help achieve your goals.
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