Keyword Level Attribution for Every Ad and Listing

Accurate and comprehensive data drives growth

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Response Analytics for paid search propels growth

We offer solutions that empower marketers to use conversion data to improve their paid search campaign performance and reduce wasted spend.

Increase results without increasing your ad spend. Package Response Analytics with Rich Customer Data, Dynamic Number Insertion, Call Routing and a variety of other analytics and engagement solutions to boost the number of leads and conversion rates.

Mobile-first changes the rules

Over 50% of search is mobile. Click-to-call and click-to-text extensions create more offline engagement. Search marketers face a glaring gap in data without tracking text, chat, and calls.

We offer one platform that tracks your crucial offline responses, empowering marketers to transform paid search campaigns.

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See the true performance of ad campaigns and what drives calls


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Access accurate and robust data on your campaigns for informed decision-making


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Optimize paid search campaigns with insights acquired from all voice call and text responses


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Market on overdrive with these powerful features


Dynamic Number Insertion

The most accurate, granular data out there for paid search marketers


Text Messaging

Efficient communications with the highest response rates of all communication channels



No more gaps – full response data for your paid campaigns