Make Smarter Marketing Decisions: Improve Rankings and ROI

Data drives SEO strategy

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Marketers must evolve with SEO

Consumers are more sophisticated today than ever before. The customer journey is more complex as consumers transition between devices and channels, venturing on and offline as they close in on making a purchase.

Search queries demonstrate the evolution of consumers as we see more refined queries. Evidence of this evolution is clear in keyword trends. With over 25% of queries never seen before by search engines, we get a front seat view to the types of searches consumers use now.

With so many keywords in play, understanding which keywords are driving clicks and calls is necessary to make smart marketing decisions and optimize your campaigns for improvement.

Don’t waste time trying to rank for keywords that don’t drive leads.

Now over 50% of search is mobile

Are you tracking the mobile calls generated by search?

Reliable keyword level attribution drives customer acquisition

Telmetrics captures the session, caller, and campaign data you need to make smart marketing decisions and increase lead generation. Receive invaluable data to optimize your campaigns, including:

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Dynamic Number Insertion allows businesses to determine which leads were generated from which campaign, making it clear that their SEO agency or internal SEO resource are responsible for leads. True attribution provides a clear window into what is and isn’t working and eliminates wasted time and budget on underperforming tactics.

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Generate more leads and higher conversions


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Use granular data to optimize and decrease wasted efforts


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Gain insight into how your consumers travel from the search engine to your landing page and through your site before they call you


Complete transparency into the buyer’s journey

Gain full visibility into every stage of the buyer’s journey by going beyond click metrics to track actual conversions.

Phone calls are more valuable than form fills, yet many search marketers aren’t tracking those conversions.

Our call detail reporting helps marketers see just how many leads were generated by a campaign with key performance indicators: such as the call duration and caller number.

Speak with our Customer Success team to enhance your SEO efforts.

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