Response Analytics for Medical, Health, and Wellness

Discover how to improve efficiency and ROI

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Marketers in health, wellness and related fields are adopting technology to gather key insights into the performance of campaigns.

Proper attribution of all types of offline response, including phone calls and text messages, allow health-related industries to optimize campaigns and improve results without increasing their spend.

Innovative solutions for the health and wellness sector

Reduce no-shows: use text messaging reminders to reduce no-shows.

Make communication convenient for patients: text message inquiries and appointment scheduling.

Avoid billing issues: collect payments more efficiently, use text messages to send billing alerts.

Route calls to the right department: route calls to billing, appointments, nurse hotline, customer service and more. Decrease patient frustration and reduce staff time by eliminating calls not relevant to their department. If your medical practice has multiple locations, route calls from patients to the location nearest them.

Essential services for our health and wellness clients

Dedicated client support

via a knowledgeable Customer Success team, there to guide you and partner with you to develop new custom solutions to meet your needs.

Meaningful customer reporting

that offers complete visibility and important insights into campaign success.

Implementation support

for quick and easy onboarding, allowing you to quickly experience benefits from new features,  services and insights.

White labeling for clients

to shine in front of your customers and increase loyalty, while we take care of the backend technology and support.

Flexible implementation

We understand the complexity faced by marketers and IT teams when delivering a cross-platform experience and interpreting the data. To make tracking all types of response an easy choice, we offer flexible implementation, reporting options and dedicated support.

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Let’s talk about the challenges your business may be facing.

Find out if our response tracking, attribution and engagement technology can help achieve your goals.
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