Email, Call and Text Join Forces

Response Analytics drives stronger ROI

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Emails + calls = more responses

In a mobile-first world, consumers naturally progress from email to phone call or text. Engaging these consumers while tracking all types of responses for a complete view of campaign success is a challenge for marketers who lack the ability to track calls originating from an email campaign.

Our Response Analytics platform empowers marketers to capture and analyze crucial data.

Innovative technology platform

Most marketers aren’t tracking beyond open rates and clicks for email campaigns. This missing data creates a large gap in ROI calculations for email marketers.

Our innovations allow businesses to analyze response data, attribute leads accurately, and engage in conversations that jump from channel to channel, such as email to phone – creating a lift in ROI, all with one robust platform.

Emerging new marketing trends, increased consumer sophistication and advancing technology require marketers to step up their game and their tools to deliver results.

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How it works


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Use your favorite email marketing automation tool


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Simply append some code to the URL of the targeted landing page your email is driving traffic to


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View caller response data in our reporting solution or via API


Discover how email and click-to-call will lift your ROI

Smart marketers track and analyze responses from all channels and devices. Data gleaned from our Response Analytics empowers marketers to make strategic campaign adjustments and incrementally improve performance and results.

Speak with our Customer Success team and discover how email call tracking can enhance your marketing efforts.

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