Directories: Increase Value Proposition

Industry changes require aggressive offerings to prove competitive advantage

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Directory publishers continually strive to prove value to retain advertisers and look for ways to create new advertising products and services to attract new clients.

With quality local numbers available anywhere and a robust platform that can manage large enterprise response tracking programs, we already support some of the largest publishers in the industry. We understand there are a variety of successful publisher ad models – we offer support for both subscription and pay-per-call programs.

Directory publishers: deliver maximum benefit to advertisers


Text MessagingAdding a “text us” button to our client’s site and mobile app increased their results by 43% without increasing ad spend.

Text-to-chat offers a quick and easy channel for consumers to get their questions answered through texting. Use one of our chat app integrations to respond to customer texts instantneously.

Demonstrate value

Lead Attribution through our Response Analytics platform allows you capture inbound offline activity, like calls, texts, chats and more. Through our integrations, this data can be merged with your online tracking for a complete picture of campaign responses. Prove your value by demonstrating calls you drive to advertisers.

Demonstrate lift in ROI almost instantly for your advertisers.

Acquisition and retention

Caller Segmentation and Call Routing allow consumers to self-select as a lead and also ensure the right call gets to the right department – decreasing consumer frustration.

The Call Record and Scoring solutions ensure quality monitoring of phone-based inquiries to improve the performance of call agents and determine the lead quality.

Voicemail Detection provides insight into productivity. Correct internal problems to reduce unanswered calls.

New offerings

Offer more in-demand services to build new revenue streams. Create new channels for your clients to engage their consumers. Add more value for your clients, so they can, in turn, offer more value to their consumers.

Flexible implementation

We understand the complexity faced by directory marketers and IT teams when delivering a cross-platform experience and interpreting the data. We make enabling and tracking all types of response for your advertisers an easy choice with flexible implementation, detailed reporting, and dedicated support.

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Essential services for our directory clients

Dedicated client support

via a knowledgeable Customer Success team, there to guide you and partner with you to develop new custom solutions to meet your needs.

Implementation support

for quick and easy onboarding, allowing you to quickly experience benefits from new features, services and insights.

Meaningful customer reporting

that offers complete visibility and important insights into campaign success.

White labeling for directory clients

to shine in front of your customers and increase loyalty, while we take care of the backend technology and support.

Features to serve your advertisers better

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Add Response Analytics to your
marketing technology toolkit

Get in touch with our customer success team to discuss your requirements and we will
suggest the best approach. We have a team of 60+ that is ready to supercharge your
direct response marketing programs.

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