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Call Tracking

Built to help online directories, advertising agencies or call intensive marketers measure, prove and improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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Call Tracking Software Platform

We care about flexibility

With demanding clients in mind, our call tracking platform can be accessed either through our feature-rich interface or through our superior API.

How our platform works


Pick a

or a pool of numbers from our inventory

We offer thousands of local or toll-free numbers in the US and Canada, all quarantined and scanned for quality.

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Place the

on your digital or print advertising

For websites we recommend our powerful DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) technology.

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Analyze the

After calls start coming through, use our reporting interface or our Google Analytics integration to analyze call data including call duration, source, location or even demographic data.



Make data-driven

With hard evidence at hand about the performance of each advertising channel or creative, you can now optimize at will.

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Solid infrastructure

For the past 25 years, we have developed deep expertise in handling very high call volumes.

We currently manage more than
2 million numbers
and handle more than
1.5 million calls a day,
always delivering crystal clear calls with no call lag and superior spam protection.

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Robust Call Tracking Features

Telmetrics features go beyond call tracking… we measure success.

Call Routing


Automated call distribution technology to route calls to the right person.

Call Recording


Record call with high quality and clarity. Evaluate if a call can be qualified as a lead.

Text and SMS Messages for Businesses

Text and SMS

Text and SMS enabled call tracking numbers, for a new communication channel.

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Telmetrics Integrates Easily
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and measure marketing effectiveness with our powerful call tracking platform