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Call Tracking

Telmetrics integrates easily with popular marketing software and platforms.

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Call Tracking Integrations

What makes us different?

We offer carrier-grade
reliability and quality

Deep value pricing for high volume clients

As low as


– per minute –

Feature Rich

Get our features and integrations including call recording, call scoring and call routing.


– per line –

Quality Lines

Our numbers are quarantined to prevent unwanted calls and our algorithms prevent most spam and call center calls.


– per text message –

Text Messaging

Receive SMS and text messages through the Telmetrics platform or through our Slack integration.

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Robust Call Tracking Features

Telmetrics features go beyond call tracking… we measure success.

Call Routing


Automated call distribution technology to route calls to the right person.

Call Recording


Record call with high quality and clarity. Evaluate if a call can be qualified as a lead.

Text and SMS Messages for Businesses

Text and SMS

Text and SMS enabled call tracking numbers, for a new communication channel.

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and measure marketing effectiveness with our powerful call tracking platform