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With the pace of innovation today

we accelerate the achievement of your goals, provide better data, a deep level of customization and excellent service.

Andrew Osmak

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Osmak, CEO Telmetrics
Andrew Osmak, CEO Telmetrics

The depth and experience

of our Technology teams ensure service levels at extreme scale along with a level of customization that is tantamount to an extension of your business. Combining Telecommunications and Software Development we can turn your complex high-scale roadmap into a reality, at scale and on budget.

Rami Michael, P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer

We’re here to help you

be as successful as possible with your Customers. Whatever it takes!

Catherine Caplice

VP Customer Success

Andrew Osmak, CEO Telmetrics
About Us

Telmetrics is a call and text tracking company that enables, tracks and analyzes offline interactions to increase engagement and return on advertising spend. At the core of our solutions are millions of unique local and toll-free phone numbers that can be placed in any online, or offline ad.

By tracking consumer voice and text response to each number, our clients can pinpoint which lead sources, media channels, and keyword buys are yielding the most success and can measure the quality of those leads.

Our response and conversation analytics are available in real-time, easy to understand and give you the insights you need to lift your advertising ROI.

Our Team
Emely Sabandal, VP Finance Telmetrics

Emely Sabandal

VP Finance

Jason Dugard, VP Technology, Telmetrics

Jason Dugard

VP, Technology

Blair Vincent, Account Director, Telmetrics

Blair Vincent

Account Director

Victoria Hart, Account Director, Telmetrics

Victoria Hart

Account Director

Jason Clark, Director, Product Development, Telmetrics

Jason Clark

Director, Product Development

Jason Kemp, Director, Product Development, Telmetrics

Jason Kemp

Director, Product Development

Juan Venegas, Director Marketing, Telmetrics

Juan Venegas

Director, Marketing

Evgeni Nikolov, UX&Visual Design Lead, Telmetrics

Evgeni Nikolov

UX&Visual Design Lead

Stefanie Mora, Human Resources Manager, Telmetrics

Stefanie Mora

Human Resources Manager

Yang Li, Senior QA analyst, Telmetrics

Yang Li

Senior QA Analyst

Barry Van Ommen, Director, Telco & Operations, Telmetrics

Barry Van Ommen

Director, Telco & Operations

Gina Prezio, Accounts Payable Administrator, Telmetrics

Gina Prezio

Accounts Payable Administrator

Mahynour Ahmed, Telecom Analyst, Telmetrics

Mahynour Ahmed

Telecom Analyst

Linda Matthews, Account Coordinator, Telmetrics

Linda Matthews

Account Coordinator

Jin Lim, Software Developer, Telmetrics

Jin Lim

Software Developer

Ulisses Courel, Web Developer, Telmetrics

Ulisses Courel

Web Developer

Allison Rice, Telecom Analyst, Telmetrics

Allison Rice

Telecom Analyst

Ishtiaque Khaled, Software Developer, Telmetrics

Ishtiaque Khaled

Software Developer

Mustafa Hakimi, Telmetrics

Mustafa Hakimi

Accounts Payable Specialist

Emma Guo, Senior Accountant, Telmetrics

Emma Guo

Sr Accountant

Shahzeb Shahid, Data Analyst, Telmetrics

Shahzeb Shahid

Data Analyst

Jasmine Punchal, Telmetrics

Jasmine Punchal

Senior QA Analyst

Paul Stulac, Senior Systems Specialist, Telmetrics

Paul Stulac

Senior Systems Specialist

Callon Campbell, Systems Architect, Telmetrics

Callon Campbell

Systems Architect

Kevin Gunaratnam, Sr System Administrator, Telmetrics

Kevin Gunaratnam

Sr System Administrator

Jason Chang, Telmetrics

Jason Chang

Sr. QA Analyst

Our Values


With passion, we are committed to creativity and excellence.


We believe in being accountable and honest.


We are solutions focused and strive to deliver results.

Intelligent Risks

We strive for efficiency and optimize our technology.

Leading Businesses Trust Us

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